Masked space is an interior design project which examines the impact of technology on a sense of interiority for both human subjects and the spaces we inhabit.
In this project I explore how advances in technology invade our interiority and change our sense of self within the private space of the home. I use myself as the subject of this exploration with an awareness of current events and conditions effecting the state of society. I have used an array of approaches to explore the presence and impact of technology. I commence with a consideration of the  inherently voyeuristic nature of technology in the dynamic between the observer and the observed. I disrupt the boundary between inside and outside through projection, documenting the shift scale through drawing. I use performance to reflect the impact of technology on my everyday behaviors and habits. The techniques of film and photography are used to narrate and reflect on these issues .

I also work with and against technology to refocus awareness on proximity and my immediate surroundings within the site, attempting at the same time to link my subjective feelings to exterior conditions. Through this body of research, I seek to recover a lost sense of physical relationships, and to establish a new possibile sense of interiority.

Design questions.

How does technology changing our sense of self and space?
What does technology do to a sense of interiority in the subject and space?


︎Virtual space
︎Subject & Object

Key words