My motivation begins from I'm keen on technology. 
Like most of my generation I grew up surrounded by technology. Technology was growing up at the same time as I was growing up. In terms of my inhabitation of space, for the majority of my time I spend it engaging on  various technologies and facing to the different screens that are the portal to virtual spaces. Technology inhabits me. Technology stores my memories. I have forgotten how to handwrite; my childhood memories are held in and were ingaged by TV and the computer.

Technology directs my experience with the world. When I am using videocall, I loose all sense of being in a place. It disrupts my sense of the present moment.  Technology has enabled  surveillance to come inside, we as subjects no longer are free and protected against the outside. I wish to explore these experiences in my interior design research.


-  Surveillance Capitalism, Jeremy Bentham, Panopticon.
- Yuval Noah Harari said, "for the first time in human history, technology
makes it possible to monitor everyone all the time."

-  Technology and Capitalism.
Philosophers such as Marx, Heidegger, and others have pointed out that technology, seemingly neutral and harmless, has become a force that rules over humanity under capitalism.
Jürgen Habermas mentioned the concept of technical rationality is itself ideological, technology itself is the domination of nature and man, methodical, scientific, planned rule.
- Technology and interiotiy. Paul Virilio thinks that technology has dramatically modified and even destroyed this intertwining of self and world.

Photo taken from Federation square.


Federation square
- In Public space. People are more relaxed (create interiority in outside, hospitable space).

- People are opening up to other people.

- Fed square is near me, allow me to do exploration in the site and occur different physical relationship.

- my subject feeling is linked and increased to the exterio




Continue to study the theory of “interiority” in different situations, research phenomenology philosophy and the relationship between “subject” and “object”. Learn more about body from merleau ponty.

Design Approach

Start to think of spatial experience, Refining and resolving the experiments into a product.